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Animation, Comedy TV Series Bob's Burgers (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) was released in 2018-09-30 by FOX Channel. Serial was created by Lizzie Molyneux, Justin Hook, directed by Wendy Molyneux, Chris Song. Cast include H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Max Greenfield, Ron Lynch. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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The main characters in the animated series is the family of Bob Belcher, who has a beloved wife and three children. Bob knows almost everything about cooking hamburgers. However, he has no idea what sanitary standards are and how to properly serve customers so that they will want to come again in the future. Most often, children do not help him in the development of business, namely interfere and get underfoot. Hysterical wife often swears with her husband about everything that surrounds them. Despite this, they still love each other and dream that their diner knew not only the whole area, but also the city. Unfortunately, to achieve this goal, they do not really do anything and just wait. In addition, their snack bar is not in a very profitable place – near the crematorium. That is why the family will not just meet with the coffins, the corpse and the people who recently buried their relatives.Bob Belcher is a businessman who makes every effort to make his restaurant successful. He needs help very much. However, his wife Linda Belcher is not in a hurry to help him. It is better for her to sort things out with her husband than to follow all sorts of instructions. Tina’s oldest sister wears glasses, and she’s also very awkward. Linda believes that her daughter is autistic, although she has no idea what the disease is. The youngest daughter Louise has an unusual humor, and she loves to wear a pink hat with rabbit ears. She constantly gives out different sexual jokes, others just not myself. The only son in the family is gene, who loves to play the piano. The father asks the boyfriend to help, although he is not always good. When the father at work have problems, he is not very much in a hurry to seek help from their children, because they often make such trouble that even the hair stand on end. What kind of trouble should be Burgers Bob watch online. when Bob first opened his small restaurant, all the problems immediately began to fall on his shoulders. First, he came to the sanitary and epidemiological service, which learned that in his restaurant for some reason kept the coffin of a dead man. Linda’s wife even made a joke about them selling hamburgers made of human flesh. Later, the sanitary service will visit Bob more than once only for the reason to close the institution. The reasons for the closure will be a large number, for example, mold in the institution. Also, more than once in his restaurant will be held different holidays, which are collected in the district a large number of people. Bob his nature is very similar to the main character of the animated series Gravity falls, which is also constantly looking for solutions, how you can make money. Who are the heroes better to judge only to you.Bob is the real head of the family who will do anything to provide for his family. He will borrow money from friends, earn money as a taxi driver and even rent rooms for the weekend. To the family of Bob often comes neighbor undertaker mort who is willing to do anything to help a friend. Also, Bob will have to endure the arrival of the parents of his wife and her sister, who one day wants to hang his paintings in the diner. Most of his time the head of the family will spend in his cafe with his family. But later he will find dozens of other ways to make money. He will sell hamburgers from the van, and later even become a host on a cooking show, which will show everything he can do. In addition, the cartoon is cynical and with a dose of black humor that will surely appeal to teenagers and adults.

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