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Drama TV Series Chicago Fire (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) was released in 2017-09-28 by NBC Channel. Serial was created by Reza Tabrizi, Andrea Newman, directed by Derek Haas, John Hyams. Cast include Monica Raymund, Joe Minoso, Eamonn Walker, Jesse Spencer, Christian Stolte, Taylor Kinney. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

Series info

“The focus of the US drama series Chicago Fire, the team of Firehouse 51 Departments located in Chicago. The Firefighters try here around the clock to preserve the population of the metropolis before the fiery danger, although this appointment is extremely debilitating. Not only do the individual members of the unit must be on the alert all the time. No, even after using it is the experience to process, to reflect errors and get over it together on a fateful event.

In addition, it is the private problems with the professional to reconcile – so tempted Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) to deal simultaneously with the divorce of his wife and to be as head of Truck 81 an example for his team. Christopher Hermann (David Eigenberg) it does not go differently: On his side he wants to establish itself as a lieutenant in the group. On the other hand he stands idly against the forced sale of his house. More and more notice the fire men and women that the fire station has become like a second home for them.

Main Characters from Chicago Fire

Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) is a bold and Intrepid Lieutentant operating at the fire of Chicago. He is strong and goes in the use mostly very intuitive before. Matthew preoccupied the recent death of one of its own firefighters.

Kelly Sveride (Taylor Kinney) is part of the Rescue Squad 3 teams, where it holds the position of lieutenant. Unlike his colleague Matthew he is charming to some and not least because of his good looks in females easy game. Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) is fresh out of the academy and wants just like his late father to be a part of the Rescue Squad 3 teams. Peter is ambitious and loyal. His sister and his mother run a family restaurant together. Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund) belongs to the unit of Ambulance 61 and is pragmatic and self-aware of their work to. She has already gained a lot of experience in their profession and one of the best emergency services. She and Matthew joins an unsettled relationship. Leslie Shay (Lauren German) is the best friend of Kelly and shares with him even a room. In addition, Leslie is as much as Gabriela on the unit of Ambulance 61st Leslie confidently deal with their homosexuality. Their is nothing more important than their friends.

Background information on Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire is an American television series that premiered on NBC on October 10, 2012th The concept is by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas. Universal Television and Wolf Films produce the format commissioned by NBC. During the first season included a total of 24 episodes during the second season only 22 episodes were ordered. Still, NBC has ordered the extension in the third season. Apart from that, there is a spin-off series with Chicago Fire. This is titled Chicago P. D. and celebrated on 8 January 2014 NBC premiered. (MH)”

During the last season the fate of the main characters is rapidly changing under the pressure of the personal circumstances and tragedies, claiming the lives of colleagues and friends. But despite the many difficulties that have appeared in the past, Matthew Casey and Kelly Severeide managed to cope with everything, including the loss of loved ones. Guys still come every morning to work in the fire department at number 51, there to do everything to save lives and overcome a difficult element of fire. Matthew and Kelly, as well as their wards – ordinary people, performing feats no less than Hollywood superheroes. But their risks requires much more respect, because some high-superhero may well be invincible, if not immortal, and the main series characters “Chicago Fire” each time really is on the balance of death – such courage can not remain unnoticed. The storyline continues to revolve around three brigades fire department – firefighters, paramedics and rescuers. For the sake of these people work in many ways to limit myself, thereby bringing the sacrifice of his personal life. But if you turn around and count the number of people they have saved from death, then we can understand – all their sacrifices were never in vain. What awaits our heroes in Season 5?

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ItWasn’ t Enough

sky day: 2017-09-28

Witha lot of the team still caught inside the burning storage facility fire, Chief Boden creates an unsafe late choice in an attempt to spare his guys. Dawson remains to handle her papa, that possesses brand new think about themselves. Brett’s youth buddy Hope sees the Windy City and also attacks the interest from somebody within the firehouse, while Kidd goes head-to-head along with her lessor. Meanwhile, a fire at a secondary school attacks near to house for Boden.


Igniteon Contact

sky day: 2017-10-05

Afterknowing the university fire had not been a collision, Chief Boden shows up the stress on Severide and also Casey to examine the reason for the fire that caught his other half. Fueled through a very competitive wager from Firehouse 87, Mouch drives every one of the inappropriate switches in his should succeed the affordable problem called the firemen meeting. Meanwhile, as Kidd works out right into her brand new residing setup, her unsettled sensations cue her to examine the motives from novice Hope.


AnEven Bigger Surprise

sky day: 2017-10-12

Lt Casey delights in the inappropriate feet along with Sam Mullins, a short-term Chief that is actually substituting Boden at House 51 for the early morning. When Casey eventually produces an unsafe relocate a try to spare a distressed guy off embarking on a property, Mullins possesses an unpleasant surprise that Casey carries out certainly not count on. Mouch flights in Cruz’s bro Leon as a birthday party shock, yet the remainder of the team battles to maintain that a key. Meanwhile, Brett is actually recorded unsuspecting when she knows brand new relevant information concerning her neighborhood buddy Hope.


A Breaking Point

sky day: 2017-10-19

Whiledashing a top secret duty, Dawson discovers herself caught in a flattened car parking design. With all courses from departure obstructed, she is actually pushed to improvisate and also operates double-duty to always keep a lot of wounded people to life while aiming to preserve tranquility amongst those caught. Meanwhile, stress is actually positioning on Casey as he starts to handle added roles, Kidd increases significantly cynical from Hope after learning more about gossips distributing and also the firehouse obtains an unpleasant surprise website visitor.


Devil’s Bargain

sky day: 2017-10-26

Caseyand also Severide discover on their own up in arms after Casey suggests along with him over the greatest technique to spare a teen knotted in barbed cord. When Casey hopes to Boden for aid raveling the scenario, he relates to the understanding that he will definitely need to repair that themselves. Elsewhere, Otis aims to persuade Casey to join the beta examination for a costly part from brand new firefighting tools imported offJapan Meanwhile, Kidd and also Hope involve fade a pay-roll concern and also Brett takes place a meeting along with a physician she complies with during the course of an ambo phone call.


DownIs Better

sky day: 2017-11-02

Afterheroically sparing a mommy and also newborn off a roof fire, Kidd obtains unusual information when she finds she is actually being actually transmitted from the firehouse. Severide and also Casey strongly believe one thing gets out concerning the convert from celebrations, urging all of them to examine the scenario. Otis and also Herrmann talk about the probabilities from consuming a run-through pub and also Dawson’s irritation along with her papa, Ramon, meets a boiling factor.


A Man’s Legacy

sky day: 2018-01-04

Brettseeks to earn a lifesaving choice in the business to somebody near and also dear to the firehouse loved ones. In an attempt to wow Lily, Otis races to obtain every little thing all together for the marvelous position from Molly’sNorth Meanwhile, Boden ends up being psychological complying with the saving from a renowned woes gamer off a getting rid of flats and also Dawson battles ahead to phrases along with just how she has actually been actually coping with her papa.


TheWhole Point from Being Roommates

sky day: 2018-01-11

Aftersparing a girl, Dawson is actually pushed to earn a difficult choice when she figures out the lady’s papa is actually addicted to pain relievers. Herrmann sheds his amazing and also enters a run-in along with a policeman after reacting to a telephone call. Otis and also Cruz gone on an objective to determine that Brett is actually dating. Meanwhile, Boden is actually cynical when Donna’s bro Julian suddenly relates to community.


FoulIs Fair

sky day: 2018-01-18

Afterknowing disturbing information, Dawson gets Severide to aid her out. Elsewhere, Casey and also Dawson have a hard time interaction concerns while Brett and also Kidd complete to succeed the soul from Zach, a Hazmat policeman. Meanwhile, Otis, Herrmann and also Mouch gone on an objective to find the resource from an unpleasant stink that is actually creating lifestyle distressing at Firehouse 51.



sky day: 2018-01-25

Dawsonand also Casey perform every little thing they can easily to find Bria’s location after finding out necessary brand new relevant information.Lt Severide reconciles along with Chief Grissom, and also outdated loved ones buddy. Meanwhile, Cruz gets the aid from Brett and also Mouch to generate a brand new resource and also Kidd and also Zach take place a day.


Lawfrom the Jungle

sky day: 2018-02-01

Afterreacting to a time-sensitive saving, Casey and also Severide do not agree on the greatest procedure. Herrmann battles to delight his little girl on “bring your child to work day.” Brett is actually participated in through an unpleasant surprise visitor during the course of a medspa retreat, thanks to Dawson, while Kidd’s socializing acquires an increase.


TheF Is For

sky day: 2018-03-01

Afterpictures from Casey and also Severide embarking on the roofing during the course of a noble saving bring in the frontal webpage from the paper, Boden reluctantly concurs for the digital photographer to history a day-in-the-life account at theFirehouse Dawson and also Brett gone on an objective to determine just what always keeps taking place to Gerald, a regular flier they understand that survives the roads. Meanwhile, Herrmann makes a decision to use up life-coaching as a sideline and also Kidd decides concerning her residing setup along with Severide.


HidingNot Seeking (II)

sky day: 2018-03-08

Whilefunctioning to discover a battle suspect, Voight and also Antonio meet Chief Boden, that reluctantly consents to permit Dawson and also Brett go covert. As the examination carries on, Boden, Casey and also Severide offer their skillful know-how in the examination. Elsewhere, Kidd and also Zach’s partnership attacks a bump and also Cruz possesses a tough time showing his accurate sensations forBrett Meanwhile, Herrmann and also Connie are actually pushed ahead up along with a different remedy when pair of birthday party events are actually made a reservation for on the very same time at the firehouse.

Thecrossover begins on Chicago Fire S05E016Profiles (I).


Lookingfor a Lifeline

sky day: 2018-03-22

Afterreacting to a vehicle collision, Casey and also Dawson end up being cynical when an autocratic hubby remains to explanation for his wounded other half. When he finds they have actually spoken to individuals concerning his “Slamigan” development without his understanding, Cruz ends up being aggravated along with Herrmann and also Mouch. Kidd reveals one thing relevant and also necessary to Severide while Brett finds out some possibly disturbing information.


TheChance to Forgive

sky meeting: 2018-03-22

Inreaction to a telephone call including a domestic fire, Otis and also Kidd’s lifestyles are actually unexpectedly threatened when gunshot blows up inside your home. Dawson conveniences Brett during the course of a particularly making an effort opportunity. Meanwhile, Casey starts to see that love may be taking place within the firehouse.


TheOne That Matters Most

sky day: 2018-03-29

Theworkers battles ahead to phrases along with an accident to among their very own; a short-term substitute needs to be actually managed; Boden evaluates some fascinating information; Kidd possesses a tough time always keeping a key.


PutWhite On Me

sky day: 2018-04-05

Bodenpossesses a gap in opinion in the upshot from saving a younger kid. Kidd battles to succeed the permission from Severide’s mama after an unpleasant surprise browse through and also Otis handles brand new obligations at the firehouse.

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