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Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Series Star Trek: Enterprise (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) was released in 2001-09-26 by UPN Channel. Serial was created by Rick Berman, directed by James L. Conway. Cast include , Jim Beaver. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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Season among Star Trek: Enterprise, an American tv series, started broadcasting on September 26, 2001, on UPN. The season ended after 26 episodes on May 22,2002 The series was established by Rick Berman as well as Brannon Braga, that additionally worked as exec manufacturers. Season one normal actors participants consist of Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, Linda Park, Anthony Montgomery as well as JohnBillingsley

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BrokenBow (1)

air day: 2001-09-26

TheEnterprise, under Captain Jonathan Archer, triggers on its first trip with an objective to return an injured Klingon to his individuals.


BrokenBow (2)

air day: 2001-09-26

TheEnterprise, under Captain Jonathan Archer, triggers on its first trip with an objective to return an injured Klingon to his individuals.


Fightor Flight

air day: 2001-10-03

CaptainArcher wishes to transform inquisitiveness right into acts as well as makes a decision to go into a ship drifting precede. Hoshi has problem adapting to life onEnterprise


StrangeNew World

air day: 2001-10-10

Whenthe Enterprise examines an unoccupied earth that ends up being even more hazardous compared to anticipated. The team participants that see the earth are contaminated by an unusual plant pollen that causes hallucinations as well as fear.



air day: 2001-10-16

WhenTrip is sent off to aid an unusual ship with its source of power issues, he is thrilled to have a pleasant experience with among the ship’s women designers. But after uncovering that their unique minute has actually caused his conceiving, he understands he’s had an unsuspecting experience with unusual sex. Archer as well as his team need to after that attempt as well as return the swiftly expanding unusual infant to its mom.



air day: 2001-10-23

TheEnterprise team modifies program to examine the secret of Terra Nova, a famous Earth nest whose citizens inexplicably vanished years earlier. But when they show up, they face descendents of the homesteaders that have actually ended up being extra unusual compared to Archer might ever before have actually envisioned.


TheAndorian Incident

air day: 2001-10-30

TheEnterprise team pays a pleasant browse through to an old Vulcan spiritual shelter, regardless of T’Pol’s problems that her human coworkers will certainly be a turbulent as well as unpleasant visibility there. Upon touchdown, they uncover that the abbey has actually been by force taken control of by the Andorians, a extremely restless as well as paranoid race of aliens with a lengthy background of dispute with theVulcans Archer quickly finds that the Enterprise team has actually entered the center of an interstellar Pandora’s Box as well as currently need to locate an escape.


Breakingthe Ice

air day: 2001-11-07

A Vulcan starship hinders Archer’s probe of an extra-large comet.



air day: 2001-11-14

CaptainArcher as well as the team uncover a totally populated, civil though much less sophisticated Earth- like earth. Disguised to resemble its citizens, they pay the earth an exploratory check out where they find out that a destructive disease is affecting the regional populace. As Archer looks for to assist them locate the condition’s resource, he locates himself in a close experience with a comely women alien.



air day: 2001-11-21

TheEnterprise team is sent off by Starfleet Command to aid Fortunate, a human products vessel that has actually been struck by Nausicaan pirates. On showing up, they are shocked to locate that Fortunate’s team is immune to Archer’s initiatives to assist them as well as established to look for vengeance versus their assaulters, regardless of what the effects.



air day: 2001-11-28

Enterprisehas a team of aliens seeing an outstanding sensation aboard. When the ship is unbelievely conserved from exploding, crewman Daniels has a vital message forArcher



air day: 2002-01-16

WhenEnterprise is struck by an unknown adversary ship, the team should function hysterically to obtain their brand-new stage canons to run. Meanwhile, Archer understands that no person recognizes Reed all right to provide him a customized birthday celebration present.



air day: 2002-01-23

Theteam finds a brand-new earth with 2 races, one in hopeless requirement of clinical as well as clinical support. In the program of attempting to aid,Dr Phlox remembers his very own Denobulan past to deal with the moral predicaments that emerge in the here and now.



air day: 2002-01-30

WhenEnterprise stumbles upon an injured Klingon vessel, T’Pol, Hoshi as well as Reed take a shuttlepod to examine. There they are assailed by an aggressive lady Klingon that pirates the shuttlepod, leaving the Enterprise crewmembers precariously stranded aboard the Klingon vessel. Now it’s up to Archer to take the Klingon under guard as well as employ her aid in saving his team.


Shadowsof P’Jem

air day: 2002-02-06

WhenEnterprise stumbles upon an injured Klingon vessel, T’Pol, Hoshi as well as Reed take a shuttlepod to examine. There they are assailed by an aggressive lady Klingon that pirates the shuttlepod, leaving the Enterprise crewmembers precariously stranded aboard the Klingon vessel. Now it’s up to Archer to take the Klingon under guard as well as employ her aid in saving his team.



air day: 2002-02-12

Archeras well as the team are let down to uncover that T’Polhas actually been gotten by the Vulcan High Command to leave Enterprise -as well as similarly disappointed at her seeming indifference to leaving their rankings. T’Pol’s last goal as a Starfleet police officer, nonetheless, confirms active when she as well as Archer are abducted by a militant intrigue on an unusual earth. However, help pertains to them through the Andorians: their leader, Shran, still owes Archer a financial debt (from the occasions of “”TheAndorian Incident””). It ends up the Vulcans are secretly backing the judgment intrigue in the world, while the Andorians are helping the liberty competitors. With the aid of the Andorians, Malcolm as well as Trip rescue Archer as well as T’Polover the arguments of the regional Vulcan ship, as well as Shran considers his financial debt to Archer paid off.



air day: 2002-02-27

Tuckeras well as Reed established out on an objective in a shuttlepod, as Enterprise is active checking out a planet area. Disaster strikes while both are away, leaving the shuttlepod harmed as well as the warp drive unusable. When it collapsed right into a planet, They handle to make it back to the affair works with just to uncover Enterprise was obviously ruined. With the ship apparently say goodbye to, both are left deserted in the center of no place with just a couple of days of air continuing to be.



air day: 2002-03-20

TheEnterprise experiences a team of Vulcan private citizens that have actually divided off from the typical method of Vulcan life in an initiative to discover their feelings. T’Polis interrupted by the brand-new site visitors as well as advises the Captain that efforts in the past to incorporate Vulcan feelings right into their lives has actually verified disasterous. Meanwhile a message from Admiral Forrest leaves the Captain with the uphill struggle of attempting to encourage among the checking out Vulcans to call house to talk with his passing away daddy.



air day: 2002-03-27

Whilediscovering an undiscovered earth, Enterprise team participants come across a team of aliens that are searching down aboriginal animals for entertainment. During their expedition, Archer is enthralled by visions of a female frantically trying to connect with him. The lady’s spiritual call for help notifies Archer that she as well as others like her are in fact the target of the unusual seekers. Heeding her phone call, Archer degrees the having fun area versus the unusual seekers.



air day: 2002-04-03

TheEnterprise experiences Ferengi pirates that make use of gas to knock senseless the team as well as try to find prizes on theEnterprise But they have not depended on Tucker, that takes place to be in the decon chamber as well as prevents the gas, as well as tries to recover the ship from the pirates.



air day: 2002-04-24

Whilediscovering a collapsed vessel on a barren earth, the Enterprise team is haunted by some supernatural numbers, as well as they come across an unusual race that has actually endured regardless of overwhelming chances. Trip aids fix their run-down vessel as well as is befriended by Liana, an appealing humanoid alien that establishes sensations for him.



air day: 2002-05-01

Whilediscovering an earth, Archer as well as Mayweather go into a “” armed forces area””as well as are restrained in an internment jail by an unusual race called Tandarans, that go to battle with theSuliban While the Enterprise team’s previous experiences with the Suliban have actually been tragic, Archer as well as Mayweather locate themselves sharing a cell with some Suliban detainees that they think could be incorrectly put behind bars.



air day: 2002-05-08

Enterpriseis intending a journey to the leisure earth Risa, when it obtains an immediate demand from the Vulcan HighCommand They should get ambassador V’Larthat has actually dropped in shame. Apparently she mistreated her setting throughout arrangements in the world Mazar as well as has actually been kicked out. After Enterprise grabbed V’Laras well as gets on its method for a conference with the Vulcan battleship Sh’Ran, instantly a Mazarite ship shows up. They desire V’Larfor additional questioning. When captain Archer wishes to review it initially with Starfleet Command, they open up fire.



air day: 2003-08-29

Enterpriseis for the 2nd time on its method to Risa when yet once again an additional immediate issue turns up: a distress signal. It originates from a little vessel. The proprietor, Zobral, is incredibly delighted with the aid from Enterprise as well as welcomes Captain Archer to his house globe for an excellent dish as well as a video game ofGeskana When Archer as well as Trip have actually arrived at the desert earth, Enterprise obtains a message from the Torothan ChancellorTrelit He informs Zobral isn’t really as good a guy as captain Archer believes.


TwoDays as well as Two Nights

air day: 2003-08-30

Whenthe team takes coast leave on the renowned enjoyment earth of Risa, Archer has a strange experience with an unusual lady; Hoshi has an unexpected enchanting affair; Mayweather has a rock-climbing mishap; as well as Trip as well as Reed go clubbing just to finish the night as unsuspecting targets of burglary. Meanwhile, Phlox remains on board the Enterprise with T’Polto take his yearly 48- hr hibernation as well as shows some uncharacteristic anomalies when they need to wake him up after a hurt team participant returns from coast leave.



air day: 2003-09-05

Enterprisefinds a mining nest of theParaagans The team obtains an invite for a conference on a shuttle bus as well as the surface area case aims to appear the environment. All of the unexpected simply under the shuttle bus a gigantic surge blisters the planet as well as starts underneath. All 3600 homesteaders are reported dead. After exam Enterprise learns plasma dripping from the case’s vents stired up tetrazine in the environment. Lieutenant Reed nonetheless guarantees he shut the plasma vents prior to the shuttle bus went of. After discussions with admiral Forrest of Starfleet Command, captain Archer finds out Enterprise’ goal is terminated as well as they need to return house, not to go back to area for an additional 10 or twenty years. When the ship has actually changed program, crewman Daniels, a time vacationer, visits captainArcher

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