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Comedy TV Series That '70s Show (season 1-7, 8, 9) was released in 1999-09-28 by Fox Broadcasting Company Channel. Serial was created by David Trainer, directed by Dave Schiff, Mark Brazill. Cast include Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis, Danny Masterson, Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderrama, Paul Anka. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.1/ 10.

Series info

The 2nd season of That ’70s Show, an American tv series, started September 28, 1999, as well as upright May 22,2000 It broadcast on Fox. The area 1 DVD was launched on April 19,2005 This season is established totally in the year 1977.

During the disco era late 70’s friends Eric Forman (Topher Grace), Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon), Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), Jackie Burkhardt (Mila Kunis), Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson) and Fez do (Wilmer Valderrama) their high school time. Eric lives with his parents Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) and Red (Kurtwood Smith) and his sister Laurie (Lisa Robin Kelly). In the basement of the clique Forman often spends her free time.

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Episode Guide


Yard sale

air day: 1999-09-28

Eric dislikes it when he discovers a photo of Donna mooning the cam in the yearbook, as well as needs to handle his envy in the issue. Fez believes that the white guy is maintaining him down due to the fact that there are no photos of him in the yearbook, as well as secures his temper in a Foosball video game. Jackie wishes to hang around with Hyde, yet when he will not most likely to roller nightclub with her, she makes a decision to see exactly what life resembles on his side of the tracks.


Red’s Last Day

air day: 1999-10-05

It’s Red’s last day of job, as well as he makes a decision to sink his joblessness sorrows at a bar. Cat sends out Eric to choose Red up; he, Hyde as well as Fez wind up alcohol consumption with Red rather, leaving none in any type of problem to own. Kelso obtains a van, as well as christens it the “shaggin’ wagon.”


The Velour Rope

air day: 1999-10-12

Since he’s out of work, the work search gets on for Red. The gang makes a decision to visit a dancing club, as well as Jackie takes care of to persuade Kelso that clothing like David Bowie is a smart idea. When at the club, Donna, Fez as well as Hyde have no worry entering, yet Eric can not make it past the extremely big baby bouncer.


Laurie as well as the Teacher

air day: 1999-10-19

Bob as well as Midget’s marriage difficulties overflow right into a contest Donna’s love. Among Laurie’s university teachers concerns Direct Location to see if he could persuade Laurie to go back to courses, as well as he takes a ‘hands-on’ method to the job, much to Eric’s shock. Fez searches for a female, as well as Hyde searches for an area to oversleep.



air day: 1999-10-26

The gang, seeking something enjoyable to do on Halloween, reviews their old grade school, where they locate their irreversible documents. Checking out them, they learn some intriguing aspects of each various other. Fez finds method or dealing with.


Van Supply

air day: 1999-11-02

Eric, Donna, Kelso, Hyde as well as Fez are all mosting likely to Vanstock, Wisconsin’s very own Woodstock. Jackie claims she does not wish to go, so Kelso welcomes Laurie. In the long run, both women go leaving Kelso embeded the center. Donna angers at Eric for not informing her regarding Kelso as well as Laurie. Fez invests the evening woman talking to Jackie as well as Laurie, much to Kelso’s shame while Hyde tries decrease him in it. Red comes to be addicted to soaps.


I Love Cake

air day: 1999-11-09

Eric flip out when Donna claims ‘I enjoy you,’ as well as all he could think about to state in return is ‘I enjoy cake.’ Donna, unknowning how you can handle this, resorts to Jackie for connection suggestions. Midget kicks Bob outdoors; he sticks with the Formans as well as Red needs to work as an arbitrator to attempt to repair their marital relationship. Kelso obtains a brand-new natural leather coat that he believes makes him resemble Marlon Brando, yet the everybody else believes he appears like the Fonz.


Pajama party

air day: 1999-11-16

Donna ultimately copulates Eric, yet when the people learn that they did was rest, they tease him mercilessly. Hyde obtains a task at the FotoHut, as well as learns that as compared to his manager, he’s a workaholic. As well as Cat needs to function dual changes at the healthcare facility, leaving Red to do the food preparation.


Eric Obtains Put on hold

air day: 1999-11-30

Donna is acting out over her moms and dads’ separate as well as uses up smoking cigarettes. Eric obtains captured holding among her cigarettes in the college lawn as well as is put on hold. Despite the fact that Eric attempts clarifying exactly what actually occurred, Red penalizes him. Fez as well as Hyde take place a dual day, established by Fez’s host moms and dads; Hyde can not make a decision which woman he suches as much better. Jackie as well as Kelso suggest over the number of packed pets she could have in his van.


Red’s Birthday celebration

air day: 1999-12-07

It’s Red’s birthday celebration as well as the roofing breaks down so Eric obtains him some 2 x 4s to repair it. Bob as well as Midget take Red as well as Cat out for supper yet they each bring a day as well as ditch them to do it in the cars and truck. Eric seethes at Donna for speaking with Hyde regarding her moms and dad’s issues rather than speaking with him.


Laurie Leave

air day: 1999-12-14

Laurie leaves as well as Red is pissed off when he learns she relocated with a man rather than with a partner like she informed him. Jackie thinks Kelso of betraying.


Eric’s Stockpile

air day: 2000-01-11

Eric’s secret stockpile of cash goes missing out on, as well as Hyde is the very first as well as only suspect. Hyde refutes taking it, as well as everybody is stunned when the genuine wrongdoer is disclosed. Fez as well as Kelso aid Jackie get ready for an elegance contest.



air day: 2000-01-18

Red as well as Bob take the people deer searching; Hyde relaxes, Fez bags supper utilizing just a few primitive tools, Kelso is a hazard with his weapon, as well as Red as well as Eric bond in the deer blind. Cat as well as Midget have a women’ evening with Donna, Jackie as well as Laurie, yet with absolutely nothing to speak regarding, the end up playing online poker.


Red’s New Work

air day: 2000-02-01

Eric obtains a task at Cost Mart as a cashier while Red obtains one as a manager. Kelso attempts to damage up with Laurie due to the fact that she desires an actual connection yet Laurie intimidates to inform Jackie regarding her as well as Kelso.


Burning Down your house

air day: 2000-02-07

With her moms and dads away, Jackie intends on tossing a tiny, stylish supper event. Kelso attempts to transform it right into an enjoyable event, as well as welcomes everybody he understands; Jackie is dismayed, when Kelso attempts to deal with points, he just winds up making them even worse. Hyde makes it with a snobby woman from college, yet the people do not think him. Red learns that Bob uses a toupee, and after that needs to invest an awkward night not discussing it.


The Very first time

air day: 2000-02-14

Midget as well as Bob make a decision to restore their connection with a 2nd wedding celebration, as well as desire Donna to create the pledges. This is challenging for Donna, because their marital relationship hasn’t already been really steady just recently. Kelso is stressed that the wedding celebration will certainly provide Jackie concepts that he simply does not wish to think about. Creating the pledges makes Donna decide regarding the state of her connection with Eric.



air day: 2000-02-21

Donna has actually ultimately made Eric a guy; he’s overjoyed regarding it up until he listens to that points really did not go as well as he assumed they had. Distressed that she spoke with the others rather than him, Eric recommends that they simply do not do it once again. They handle to solve the issue, without the assistance of their buddies. Red, tickled at ultimately obtaining a pay check once again, gets an unique reward for himself as well as Cat.


Cat as well as Eric’s Evening Out

air day: 2000-02-28

Eric goes out with his mommy to the motion pictures as well as is shamed in the beginning yet winds up having fun.


Moms and dads Figure out

air day: 2000-03-07

Eric as well as Donna are captured making love in the View Cruiser by the cops. They bring them to the Forman’s residence. Red informs Donna that as a grown-up she must inform her moms and dads as well as if she does not he will. Cat has an anxious break down when she learns that Eric as well as Donna are making love. Fez, Hyde as well as Kelso attempt to grab ladies on Kelso’s CB radio.


Kiss Of Fatality

air day: 2000-03-20

Eric inadvertently runs over Donna’s pet cat, Mr. Bonkers, yet cannot state this to her. Kelso learns that having 2 partners isn’t really as fantastic as he assumed it would certainly be, as well as makes a decision to damage up with Laurie. He’s shocked when she takes it well as well as just requests one last kiss bye-bye, yet that a person kiss creates greater than one bye-bye. Fez packs himself with cheese smokes, and after that blunders his apendicitis for a belly pains.


Kelso’s Serenade

air day: 2000-03-27

Kelso, dispirited over his split with Jackie, is identified to obtain her back. He generates a fool-proof strategy to win her over: a serenade. Jackie, nevertheless, has an originality of that she suches as currently, as well as he’s the sweetest, coolest, individual around: Hyde. Donna starts to really feel that Eric is taking her for given, since they have actually “done it.”


Jackie Go on

air day: 2000-04-03

Fez asks Jackie out on a day; they most likely to a costly dining establishment yet all she does is things her face as well as speak about Kelso. Red is upset at Cat due to the fact that she hocked a locket that Red’s mom had actually offered her.


Holy Crap!

air day: 2000-05-01

A job emergency situation leaves the Formans without Cat on Sunday, as well as Eric as well as Laurie make a decision not to visit church. Cat leaves that choice approximately them, yet when they do not transform their minds, she brings the church to them by welcoming Priest Dave over for a mid-day of household enjoyable as well as video games. Kelso as well as Fez both expand beards, as well as Jackie discovers the brand-new, shabby Kelso alluring.


Red Fired Up

air day: 2000-05-08

Red is beginning be better to Eric at the workplace, because there’s a negative worker, Earl, that’s obtaining every one of Red’s focus. However when Red fires Earl, as well as Eric defends him, Eric is back in Red’s line of fire. Kelso makes a decision to day Laurie honestly, as well as they both obtain talks from Hyde as well as Cat.


Feline Battle Club

air day: 2000-05-15

Kelso has actually been advised that maybe harmful for him if Red learns that he’s dating Laurie. Jackie discovers herself tongue-tied when faced with Laurie’s disrespects, so Hyde offers her lessons in Zen-coolness. She utilizes this, as well as a couple of various other points, to victory over her competitor.


Moon Over Factor Location (1)

air day: 2000-05-22

Eric dislikes it when he discovers a photo of Donna mooning the cam in the yearbook, as well as needs to handle his envy in the issue. Fez believes that the white guy is maintaining him down due to the fact that there are no photos of him in the yearbook, as well as secures his temper in a Foosball video game. Jackie wishes to hang around with Hyde, yet when he will not most likely to roller nightclub with her, she makes a decision to see exactly what life resembles on his side of the tracks.

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