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Kids, News TV Series Good Game: Spawn Point (season 1-7, 8, 9) was released in 2010-02-20 by ABC3 Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Steven O'Donnell, Stephanie Bendixsen. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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Episode 01 – 20/02/2010

air day: 2010-02-20

May & & Magic: Clash of Heroes

Ask Good Video game: Zigi and also Sally

SpawnPoint Studies The Spawn Point

Meet Chris, Harrison and also Lachlan

Vancouver 2010

OFR: Pokemon


Episode 02 – 27/02/2010

air day: 2010-02-27

Tatsunoko versus Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Ask Good Video game: Sean and also Josh

SpawnPoint Studies: The Wellness Bar

Bob Came In Parts

OFR: Runescape


Episode 03 – 06/03/2010

air day: 2010-03-06

Super Ape Round: Action and also Roll

Ask Good Video game: Benjamin, Jackson and also Isaac

Video game Jam 2010

SpawnPoint Studies: The Cage

OFR: Wii Fit


Episode 04 – 13/03/2010

air day: 2010-03-13

The Ill fortunes of P.B. Winterbottom

Ask Good Video game: Shaun, Tazza and also Jack

Meet Matthew and also Tony

SpawnPoint Studies: Cut-Scenes

OFR: Buzz! Mind of Oz


Episode 05 – 20/03/2010

air day: 2010-03-20

Sonic & & Sega All-Stars Competing

Ask Good Video game: Jo, Sadeepa, Chloe and also Peter

SpawnPoint Studies: Power-Ups

Satisfy the Spawn: Danielle, Mike and also Jeff

OFR: Viva Pinata


Episode 06 – 27/03/2010

air day: 2010-03-27

Tony Hawk: Flight

Ask Good Video game: fman, Khoi and also James

SpawnPoint Studies: Filling Displays

OFR: Spyro the Dragon


Episode 07 – 03/04/2010

air day: 2010-04-03

Pokemon HeartGold & & SoulSilver

Ask Good Video game: Jarreth, Roland, Alexander, Thomas and also Oliver

The life and also times of a Pro Player

OFR: Fifa 10


Episode 08 – 10/04/2010

air day: 2010-04-10

Napoleon: Overall Battle

Ask Good Video game: Liam, Robert and also Leighton

OFR: Singstar

5-Up: Leading RTS Techniques


Episode 09 – 17/04/2010

air day: 2010-04-17

The best ways to Train Your Dragon

Ask Good Video game: Nerrad, Darner, Duty, Dazzer and also Jacob

SpawnPoint Studies: Non-Player Personalities

OFR: Mario and also Sonic at the Olympic Gamings


Episode 10 – 24/04/2010

air day: 2010-04-24

Rugy Organization 3

Ask Good Video game: Gabby, Chris, chaosvampire and also James

Skateboard Competitors Statement

OFR: Road Boxer IV


Episode 11 – 01/05/2010

air day: 2010-05-01

A Kid and also His Ball

Ask Good Video game: Tracey, Robert, Josh and also Declan

Ajax: Do It Yourself Trip Simulator

OFR: Sonic Unleashed


Episode 12 – 08/05/2010

air day: 2010-05-08

Sam and also Max: The Evil one’s Play ground – Episode One: The Chastening Area

Ask Good Video game: Nathan, dangerous male, Cameron, Sam and also Keegan

Noob Rescue: Oskar and also Felix

SpawnPoint Studies: The Bring in Setting


Episode 13 – 15/05/2010

air day: 2010-05-15

ModNation Racers

SP Studies

Ask Good Video game

OFR: Tetris


Episode 14 – 22/05/2010

air day: 2010-05-22


Ask Good Video game: Kristy, Kobe, Oliver, Josh, Andrew and also CJ

Satisfy the Spawn: Jamie, Toby and also Steve

OFR: Princess Peach


Episode 15 – 29/05/2010

air day: 2010-05-29

Petz Dream

Ask Good Video game: Suleiman, James, Abhi, Blake and also Conrad

WarioWare D.I.Y.

Let’s Cheat with DARREN: Drawn to Life

SpawnPoint Studies: Manager Battles


Episode 16 – 05/06/2010

air day: 2010-06-05

Max and also the Magic Pen

Ask Good Video game: Jackson, Trung, Braden, Jamesy, Aley, Danny and also Jack

Satisfy the Spawn: Joel

SpawnChooses: Super Mario Galaxy


Episode 17 – 12/06/2010

air day: 2010-06-12

Royal prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Ask Good Video game: Andr3w, Billy, Coral reef and also Maxxy

Satisfy the Spawn: Patrick and also Joseph


Episode 18 – 19/06/2010

air day: 2010-06-19

Pure Football

Let’s Cheat with DARREN: Celebrity Wars The Duplicate Battles: Republic Heroes

SpawnChooses: Kingdom Hearts


Episode 19 – 26/06/2010

air day: 2010-06-26

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Ask Good Video game: Ayden, As If I would certainly State and also David

Visitor Spawn Chooses: The Tale of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Episode 20 – 03/07/2010

air day: 2010-07-03

E3 2010: Movement Controls

E3 2010: DARREN and also the Devs

E3 2010: Bajo and also the Devs


Episode 21 – 10/07/2010

air day: 2010-07-10

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Ask Good Video game: Darren Come Obtain Me, Peter, I do not wish to inform, Murray, Anna, Zac, Daniel and also Austin

Ask Good Video game: Darren Come Obtain Me, Peter, I do not wish to inform, Murray, Anna, Zac, Daniel and also Austin

Let’s Cheat with DARREN: Spore

OFR: Collision Bandicoot


Episode 22 – 17/07/2010

air day: 2010-07-17

Plaything Tale 3: The Computer game

Ask Good Video game: Ziggi, Paris, Jane, Andrew and also Casey

SpawnChooses: Songs Gamings


Episode 23 – 24/07/2010

air day: 2010-07-24

Snoopy Traveling Ace

Ask Good Video game: Naomi, Patrick, Batman, Mitchell, Oscar, Royal prince, Ben and also Delighted Face 2000

OFR: Kirby


Episode 24 – 31/07/2010

air day: 2010-07-31

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Pressure: Herbert’s Vengeance

Ask Good Video game:??????, Mario, Adam, Wesley and also Kip

DARREN’s 5 Finest Lasers in Video gaming Background

DSi Ware Assemble


Episode 25 – 07/08/2010

air day: 2010-08-07

Joe Risk

Ask Good Video game: Nick, Tom, Darren, I’m Me You’re You, and also Jake

Satisfy the Spawn: Eastman Household

Nelson Tethers: Problem Representative


Episode 26 – 14/08/2010

air day: 2010-08-14

Required for Rate Globe

Ask Good Video game: Golden is Remarkable, jellybellysmelly, Alex, Chris, vampiregirl and also??

Tiger Woods PGA Excursion 11

SpawnChooses: Technique Gamings


Episode 27 – 21/08/2010

air day: 2010-08-21

Dragon Mission IX: Guards of the Starry Skies

Ask Good Video game: Robert, cannot inform due to the fact that my mum stated so, Matt, enigma customer, Karl, Andrew, Oscar, and also extra!

Satisfy the Spawn: Brennan and also Jacob

OFR: Rayman


Episode 28 – 28/08/2010

air day: 2010-08-28

Gaming Island Oops!

Let’s Cheat with DARREN: Lego Battles

Ask Good Video game: Hasib, Nathan, Matt, Sammy and also Josh

Satisfy the Spawn: Filip and also Harry


Episode 29 – 04/09/2010

air day: 2010-09-04

Problem Robots

Ask Good Video game: Lachie, Me, Murray, Unown, Julian and also no should understand …

5DS Yu-Gi-Oh! Globe Champion 2010 Opposite of Arcadia

SpawnPoint Studies: RAM


Episode 30 – 11/09/2010

air day: 2010-09-11

Lara Croft and also the Guardian of Light

Ask Good Video game: BJAX, Cameron, Ben, Zac, Benjamin, Hannibal, Owen and also Sam

Satisfy the Spawn: Owen and also Nathan

SpawnChooses: Problem Gamings


Episode 31 – 18/09/2010

air day: 2010-09-18

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Rest

Ask Good Video game: Michael, Hughe, David, Michael and also Daran.

Batman: The Brave and also the Vibrant


Episode 32 – 25/09/2010

air day: 2010-09-25

The Last Airbender

Ask Good Video game: Secret Audience, Jex454, Jett and also Cassandra

A day in the life of a video games tester

Removal and also Kinect Perceptions


Episode 33 – 02/10/2010

air day: 2010-10-02

TrackMania Wii

Ask Good Video game: DARREN, Andrew, Anna, Byron and also even more!

SpawnChooses: Life Simulators


Episode 34 – 09/10/2010

air day: 2010-10-09

PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Experience

Ask Good Video game: Buzz, Ben, Lucy and also Emily

SpawnPoint Studies: Pixels

Satisfy the Spawn: Jordan and also Phil


Episode 35 – 16/10/2010

air day: 2010-10-16

People 5

Ask Good Video game: Kirby, DJ, Fidget, Trent, Tessa, Josif and also Bridgett

SpawnPoint Studies: Polygons


Episode 36 – 23/10/2010

air day: 2010-10-23


Ask Good Video game: Fluff Round, Hussein, an enigma customer, Lewis, Sam, Will & & Ash

Wii Event

SpawnChooses: Baddies


Episode 37 – 30/10/2010

air day: 2010-10-30

Simply Dancing 2

Ask Good Video game: Fidget, Briena, JJ, Ella Bella and also Alphadingo

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

Sid Meier’s Pirates!


Episode 38 – 06/11/2010

air day: 2010-11-06

International Cricket 2010

Ask Good Video game: Chimi Choci Nana, Nigel, Tyler and also Jack

Tetris Event Deluxe

Super Scribblenauts


Episode 39 – 13/11/2010

air day: 2010-11-13

DJ Hero 2

Ask Good Video game: Kate, Daniel, Josh & & even more!

Satisfy theSpawn: Isaac

(****** )Teacher Layton and also the Lost Future


Episode 40 – 20/11/2010

air day: 2010-11-20

The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Mission

Ask Good Video game: Bowser, Kate, Peta, Luke & & LOL

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Tornado 2


Episode 41 – 27/11/2010

air day: 2010-11-27

Sonic Hues

Ask Good Video game: Joshua, Luke, POOOOOFFFFF, Sean, K.A.R.R.E.N, Owen and also Bindi.

Bakugan: Protectors of the Core

Food preparation Mother Globe: Babysitting Mother


Episode 42 – 03/12/2010

air day: 2010-12-03

Donkey Kong Nation Returns

Ask Good Video game: Mitchy, Harrison, Liam & & even more!

Satisfy the Spawn: Justin and also Emily

Kinect Assemble

A Really Darren Xmas

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