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Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) was released in 1996-09-30 by UPN Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Avery Brooks, Nana Visitor, Colm Meaney, Terry Farrell, Michael Dorn, Cirroc Lofton. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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Kira and O’brien need as soon as possible to be on the planet-the prison of the Cardassian Empire. They learned that it was there that the famous prisoner of the bajoran resistance, the leader of a huge army – Li Nalisa, was kept. Finding him, they decide to go back. Meanwhile, Sisko and some other talented officers do their best to repel attacks from rebels and other enemy groups, and Kira and Jadzia hand over documents to the interim ruler of Bajor that prove that the cardassians were also involved in that deadly conspiracy. Soon the transit point for the family of travelers is the station where the main characters live. Actually, there was a bajoran couple and their son, Cardassian, as it soon turned out to be not native. So what blood runs through his veins?

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air day: 1996-09-30

Withthe battle in between Klingons and also Federation magnifying, Sisko should make a strategy to subject Gowron as a changeling. Odo is still having problem with ending up being a strong.



air day: 1996-10-07

Theteam is required to pull back in a collapsed Jem’Hadarship after a strike by the Jem’Hadar They obtain the sensation there’s something crucial concerning this ship.


Lookingfor the same level’Machin All the Wrong Places

air day: 1996-10-14

WhileWorf assists Quark to seek his previous partner Grilka, O’Brienand also Kira expand annoyingly near each various other.


…Northe Battle to the Strong

air day: 1996-10-21

Jake, reporting from the cutting edge, sees exactly what battle genuinely is.



air day: 1996-10-28

Anunusual entity has actually had Keiko’s body and also is holding it captive till O’Brienfinishes a job for it.


Trialsand also Tribble- ations

air day: 1996-11-04

Darvin, a disgraced Klingon spy, takes a trip back in time to modify some occasions to his preferences. The DS9 team should discover exactly what he’s attempting to transform and also avoid it without modifying the moment line. They’ll need to assimilate with the team from Star Trek: The OriginalSeries


LetHe Who Is Without Sin …

air day: 1996-11-11

Whilevacationing on Risa, Worf and also Dax fulfill a team of fundamentalist militants that assert that the Federation has actually gone soft.



air day: 1996-11-18

Sisko, Dax, Odo and also Garak discover themselves in the past when the Cardassians managed the terminal, and also a criminal offense that Odo explored could be the secret.



air day: 1996-11-25

WhenOdo and also Quark crash land, they should deposit their distinctions to climb up a hill to signify for aid. Jake and also Nog aim to be flatmates, yet their various designs clash.



air day: 1996-12-30

Siskostarts having visions that could reveal him ways to finest aid Bajor, yet they’re eliminating him.


TheDarkness and also the Light

air day: 1997-01-06

A strange assassin starts eliminating all the participants of Kira’s old resistance cell.



air day: 1997-01-27

Theexploration of a baby Changeling provides Odo a possibility to fix exactly what he considereds as the “mistakes” in his childhood. But as Starfleet’s stress for outcomes expands, he needs to count on his “father,”Dr Mora.


Forthe Uniform

air day: 1997-02-03

Whenthe two-faced Eddington returns, Sisko will certainly most likely to any kind of sizes to record him.


InPurgatory’s Shadow

air day: 1997-02-10

A coded message from the Gamma Quadrant leads Garak to think his coach, Enabran Tain, is still to life. He and also Worf seek him out, just to uncover something a lot even worse: a Dominion intrusion fleet positioned to strike the AlphaQuadrant


ByInferno’s Light

air day: 1997-02-17

Theterminal preps for a Dominion strike. Worf and also Garak fulfill some unanticipated good friends in a Dominion Prison camp.


DoctorBashir, I Presume?

air day: 1997-02-24

Dr Bashir is picked to be the version for the next-generation of Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH). But he stops when his moms and dads are welcomed to the terminal to be talked to by the EMH developer,Dr Zimmerman. There is a dark key in his family members that he’s terrified that his moms and dads will certainly expose.


A Simple Investigation

air day: 1997-03-31

Odoends up being passionately affixed to a lady collaborating with the OrionSyndicate


Businessas Usual

air day: 1997-04-07

When he ends up being included with arms sellers,Quarkshould battle with his principles.


Tiesof Blood and also Water

air day: 1997-04-14

Whena Cardassian authorities that considers Kira as his little girl is passing away, he accepts expose all he recognizes to her. But the experience unearths Kira’s memories of her very own dad’s fatality.


FerengiLove Songs

air day: 1997-04-21

When he finds out that his mom is the brand-new fan of the Grand Nagus,Quarkdoes not recognize whether to be stressed or tickled.


Soldiersof the Empire

air day: 1997-04-28

Daxand also Worf go along with Martok on his initial command because being held by theDominion But the ship they are offered hasn’t already seen success in months and also the team is near mutinous.


Childrenof Time

air day: 1997-05-05

TheDS9 cast finds a tiny swarm on a remote globe that was initially inhabited by them 200 years previously because of a time-travel mishap with theDefiant The present homesteaders lives depend upon ensuring that mishap takes place once more, although they’ve currently forwarned the team that it will certainly occur. If they are eager to offer up their lives on DS9 in order to protect the background of the swarm, Each team participant requires to choose.


Blazeof Glory

air day: 1997-05-12

Drivento despair by the Dominion, the Maquis launch an enormous bio-weapons strike in the direction ofCardassia Sisko should rely on the traitor Eddington to aim to quit them.



air day: 1997-05-19

Whilerecovering elements from DS9’s sibling terminal, the team contravene of a “surprise” left by theCardassians


Inthe Cards

air day: 1997-06-09

Jakeand also Nog experience heck and also high water, from taking part in a public auction to managing the Dominion, to obtaining a Willie Mays baseball card to comfort the war-fatigued CaptainSisko


Callto Arms

air day: 1997-06-16

Withthe proceeding squadrons of Jem’Hadargetting in the Alpha Quadrant to prepare for battle, Sisko determines to extract the wormhole to avoid more army motion. This prompts a battle in between the Dominion and also the Federation, compeling Sisko to desert DS9.

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