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Comedy, Drama TV Series Xena: Warrior Princess (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) was released in 1996-09-30 by Broadcast syndication Channel. Serial was created by Charles Siebert, Anson Williams, directed by Steven L. Sears, Steven L. Sears. Cast include Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Kevin Smith, Mark Ferguson, Mark Ferguson. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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The 2nd season of the tv series Xena: Warrior Princess began airing in the United States as well as Canada on September 30, 1996, ended on May 12, 1997, as well as included 22episodes

The2nd season broadcast in the United States on the USANetwork The season was launched on DVD as a 6 disc boxed collection under the title of Xena: Warrior Princess: Season 2 on September 3, 2003 by Anchor BayEntertainment

Adventure series mythological court in which it follows Xena, a warrior who after several years as a fearsome warlord, now make every effort to fight for the good and peace, fighting ruthless warriors, gods, demons and even with the same muerte.Xena (Lucy Lawless, ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’) it is a powerful warrior who has spent years of his life doing evil, razing villages and killing without worrying about others. In his travels he met the hero Hercules (Kevin Sorbo), which will open your eyes and will leave his dark past behind to become a protector of the innocent. Determined to change his life, Xena begins traveling around Greece trying to help the needy. That’s how he meets Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor), a sweet and innocent girl with a great imagination and dreams of adventures. Xena Gabrielle accompany From that moment, the two women will face all kinds of dangers, monsters and dioses.Sin But the god of war, Ares (Kevin Smith), former lover and leader of Xena, is not willing to blurt out his most powerful warrior, and will not fail to tempt her to return to the dark side. Just pure friendship and support Gabrielle Xena avoid becoming the monster he once was.

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Orphanof War

air day: 1996-09-30

WhenXena attempts to aid the centaurs safeguard a spiritual rock which contains their wickedness, she comes across somebody from her past … her kid.



air day: 1996-10-07

WhenXena safeguards the Fates’s holy place, they offer her the present of transforming the past: her bro Lyceus never ever passed away as well as she never ever ended up being the warrior princess … however that additionally indicates she never ever fulfilledGabrielle


TheGiant Killer

air day: 1996-10-14

WhenGabrielle safeguards a young Isrealite called David, her life is threatended till Xena suggests to eliminate her old close friend, the titan Goliath in return for flexibility for thePhilistines


GirlsJust Wanna Have Fun

air day: 1996-10-28

WhenOrpheus sheds the power to control the god Bacchus with his songs, Xena as well as Gabrielle risk their lives to finish Bacchus’s power of horror.


Returnof Callisto

air day: 1996-11-04

Gabrielleprepares to wed Perdicus, her home town sweetie, as well as need to leave Xena as well as their journeys, at the exact same time that Callisto has actually run away from jail as well as is goinged directly for them with revenge in mind.


Warrior… Princess … Tramp

air day: 1996-11-11

WhenDiana’s daddy takes ill, Xena is mobilized as well as encounters yet one more lookalike, a barmaid called Meg, that appears fairly taken withJoxer



air day: 1996-11-18

Callistomakes a deal with Ares, from Tarturus, to change bodies with Xena, sending out Xena right into Tarturus as well as releasingCallisto Xena, in Callisto’s type, makes her very own deal with Hades, to earn points best however the only trouble is … she has eventually to repair it.


TenLittle Warlords

air day: 1996-11-25

Trappedin the body of Callisto, Xena need to aid a temporal Ares recuperate his sword as well as recover him as the god of battle. If she does not people will certainly not have the ability to manage their rage as well as she’ll never ever recuperate her very own body.


A Solstice Carol

air day: 1996-12-09

DuringWinter Solstice, Xena as well as Gabrielle browse through a community where it’s Scrooge- like King has actually regarded that commemorating the vacation is a criminal offense.


TheXena Scrolls

air day: 1997-01-13

Inthe year 1940, 2 women excavators looking for the Xena scrolls wind up in an old burial place facing epic numbers from the past.


HereShe Comes … Miss Amphipolis

air day: 1997-01-20

Xenaposes as an elegance contest participant, to quit a sabateur, set on damaging a tranquility treaty in between 2 warlords.



air day: 1997-01-27

Afterbeing seriously harmed, Xena’s life flashes prior to her, consisting of the moment when she discovered the art of stress factors from a slavegirl when she fulfilled Julius Caesar for the initial time.



air day: 1997-02-03

AfterXena’s fatality, Gabrielle ends up being Queen of the Amazons, while Autolycus discovers himself had by the warrior princess, Xena that requires ambrosia to bring herself back to life. But Xena’s renewal as well as Gabrielle’s life are both endangered by an Amazon set on getting the Amazon crown as well as the ambrosia.


A Necessary Evil

air day: 1997-02-10

Xena, Gabrielle as well as the Amazons need to fight a wickedness Amazon, that consumed ambrosia as well as is currently a god. She desires Gabrielle dead as well as in order to quit her, Xena as well as Gabrielle turn to requesting the assistance of the currently never-ceasingCallisto


A Day in the Life

air day: 1997-02-17

Xenaas well as Gabrielle invest a day aiming to conserve 2 towns, one from a band of punks, the various other from a titan, while jumping on each various other’s nerves as well as aiming to not eliminate on one more.


ForHim The Bell Tolls

air day: 1997-02-24

WithXena away on an objective, Gabrielle need to emulate Aphrodite, that’s conflicting in among Cupid’s lovespells that will certainly join 2 kingdoms as well as that’s placed a spell on Joxer, that acts like a genuine hero whenver a bell rings.



air day: 1997-04-07

Xenaas well as Gabrielle have just one day to identify exactly what actually took place when Gabrielle’s close friend, Meleagor, is punished to fatality for a murder he really did not dedicate.



air day: 1997-04-14

Afterobtaining oil in her eys throughout a battle, Xena goes blind as well as need to manage a male identified to eliminate her as well as rescue Gabrielle prior to she is required to wed a king, that has actually passed away, or Gabrielle will certainly quickly join him.



air day: 1997-04-28

Xenaas well as Gabrielle needs to aid Ulysses, King of Ithica, that is aiming to go back to his island homeland after 10 years away, however the god of the sea, Poseidon, does not make it simple.



air day: 1997-05-05

Aftercoming to be the pursued victim of the ferocious Horde, Xena need to lead the neighborhood military versus them, while Gabrielle has the tendency to the injured as well as stresses that Xena is going back to her hazardous as well as dark methods by stooping to the Horde’s degree.


TheLost Mariner

air day: 1997-05-12

Aftera shipwreck, Xena need to save Gabrielle from the cursed ship of Cecrops, the shed sailor, where any person that tips aboard exists till they pass away.


A Comedy of Eros

air day: 1997-05-19

WhenCupid’s infant kid, Bliss, runs amok placing love spells on unwary individuals, Xena falls for the warlord, Draco, Draco succumbs to Gabrielle as well as Gabrielle obtains the hots forJoxer

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